National Bow Tie Day

Well I’m late to the party because I did not know the Bow Tie has its own day?!? I was completely surprised that this cherished, beloved item only comes out once a day every year.  Truth be told you should always have a few staple bow ties in your rotation for good measure.  

Once reserved only for Billionaires and college professors the bow tie has made a huge jump back to commercial success.  You can find people everywhere rocking bow ties regardless of the situation, coffee and friends or on a first date.  I love the class & individual appeal to the look.  It’s clean concise and incredibly easy to master once you get a good combination or balance. 

I pair all my looks based on balance, and when wearing multiple accessories one item can make the whole look too much.  I think using color to provide balance can take away some of the confusion.  

Here I use a very light blue bow tie to anchor the dark blue blazer, both by Tommy Hifiger and affordable at $75 and $15 respectively.  How I was able to get away with this combo is that I paired the lapel pin and pocket square together which created separation from the rest of the outfit.  The lapel pin is courtesy of Harrison Blake, and you can follow him on IG at @wearlapelpins.  

Whichever way you decide to wear your bow tie, do so and do it with your styled look.  I just think it’s a shame for this impeccable piece of wardrobe to sit idle when there are so many ways we can incorporate them into our daily style.  

Salute to You Sir!!!!!!!!

Tinted Lens

There has always been a thought in my mind about glasses.  I remember when if you had glasses there was only a very slim choice in specs, now they have glasses in every design and color.  It’s almost a shame if you do not have a few go to pair. 

Today I am so in love with these Cole Haan frames from  I love the dark tortoise tint and retro design very similar to Ray Bans, so when I seen a pair for sale I placed my order online (free shipping of course).  

The frames are not too thick but not light enough to break if they fall.  The color is perfect, right between a very dark brown but passable with black as well.  If your going casual these are definitely a favorite, anything from a polo to a sports coat will do.  


Whatever your choice is, make sure to try on different styles to compliment your face shape.  Get a few pair at least a Black and Brown pair and for good measure throw in a pair of Aviator glasses for those trips to Vegas. 

For more Cole Haan glasses visit  


E=MC2 at Einsteins for Lunch

I have to apologize for being an absentee landlord and not putting the necessary time to devote to blogging the way I should have so here is my redemption post if you will. 

To revitalize myself from work and personal issues I decided to take a lunch break and think about where I want to go next.  I admit I’m kinda an over thinker when it comes to moves instead of just going with the flow I tend to plan it out.  Trying to contact fellow bloggers or stylist, lining up a real photographer because you want to have a certain look or vision, or not forgetting the fact that this is a new venture and you still have a 9-5.

But a dream forgotten is a life never lived and I’m in this for the long haul.  So to ponder over things I figured I might as well eat too!  Thus started a lunch date / Planning Committee at Einsteins on Juniper in the heart of Atlanta right by Piedmont park, and who else to bring along no one other than the Mrs. 


While at Einsteins I started to think what’s next?  Summer is coming to an end and I love my Summer so I am getting all the wear out of my cotton and linen clothes before the season changes.  I have so many pieces that I want to get some wear from before the temperature changes.  So today I was looking for a little Italy in the Park.  I love how an Italian look can be formal and informal all at once.  A little flair tossed in with the silk pocket square and lapel pin on top of a great blazer and I was ready. 

All my favorite pieces come together here in this simple outfit.  Let’s start with the Blue Blazer which anchors any outfit from the office to the beach. I bought this Tommy Blazer from TJ Maxx for $75 this summer and I am getting my money’s worth, I swear I wear it with jeans and slacks effortlessly.  I wanted a little darker look so I brought in the Black Loafers from Banana Republic that I bought during Friends & Family for 50% off bringing the total to $60.  Most people would wear brown and I agree but just not today.  Today I wanted something different, so I always post myself in a tie and it felt right to take it off on such a beautiful Atlanta day.  

As always for me a look is a look but it’s not your look until you place your touch on it, and for that I gave my outfit a pop of Pink with a Lapel Pin (Various styles and prices) from Harrison Blake at  The pocket square is from Nordstrom’s who if you as me has some great options most between $8 – $10.  Pants are from Banana Republic who has some great looks coming this fall.  I’m excited to see if they are closing the Gap between them and JCrew (little play on words there). 


Lunch was AMAZING!!!!  I had the Korean BBQ Chicken tacos with the small plate of Fried Green Tomatoes while wifey had the Colossal Burger.  They have a great menu and the drinks are well made, just perfect for sitting on the patio and enjoying people watching. 

Be sure to take it easy and I have some great ideas for future posts.  The first will be how to get a suit tailored the right way.  I’m taking a few pieces to get altered and decided to chronicle the experience for us all so we know what to ask and how to decide who is a good fit for you.  Until then keep checking back.  




It’s Friday and I can’t wait for the weekend, not just to be off the regular 9 to 5 but to do a little weekend shopping.  

Needless to say since it is the summer I have been letting the suits get some rest and bringing the sport coats and pants to the forefront.  One of my favorites has to be a light grey sports coat from H&  The material is breathable and light with a slim to snug fit.  Just perfect for a custom shirt or a nice Tee if your feeling pretty cool.  

As always for me part of my uniform is a few great accessories and nothing sets the bar like a good Lapel Pin.  I have to say I’m pretty biased about my lapel pins only because I love MTO (Made To Order) items, and no better place than for all your suit accessory needs. 

The second part of this post has to be dedicated to these incredible Guess Slim Tapered Cargo Pants.  I bought these on sale at Guess with 50% off the sales price so I was really excited about that.  I am a practical person so utility is very important, these pants deliver everything I need from a great causal look to a streamlined way to bring a little ruggedness into my business wardrobe.  

I have worn these with a pair of Chelsea Boots and a custom shirt then at night transformed the look by donning a white Tee and a pair of Vans and was ready for a night out with the Guys. I am going to say get use to seeing these on this body, when I buy pieces I like I always buy in two’s. 

They have a really good fit and I love the sheen on the material, it’s light enough to to wear in the summer and I look forward to how they hold up during the winter.  I am overall very tough on my clothes so I will let you know how these hold up.  

The last item I want to talk about is this billy Kirk bag from the Collective line by Target.  I happened upon this bag completely by accident, was shopping for some regular tee-shirts and seen the bag hanging off the rack.  Once I gave it a good look over I checked the price and wow it was 10.98.  With that said it was a done deal and instantly became the feature of the week nominee.  

As men we have items we need to carry around and this bag has enough style for the office or camping out doors.  It’s heavy construction of twill cotton really holds the shape together.  It has 2 handles and a shoulder strap if you just need to throw it over your back and go.  It has front pockets and inside pockets to accommodate all the necessary gadgets every blogger needs.   For $11 you can’t go wrong, so if you happen to see one pick it up you won’t be sorry.