Going Italian

If your not aware, belts are a bit constricting by style standards.  In Fashion Forward places belts look mechanical, almost utilitarian in function.  If you have the benefit of having a decent torso, Suspenders can be a great way to show off that P90X body you have been working on or just your sense of flare.  

Suspenders have been a staple for quite some time now.  They were everywhere during the 50’s & 60’s, with everyone wearing clothing that was cut to show the details.  So now they are making a comeback and in a big way.  

You can find colored or print suspenders at your nearest Brooks Brothers, H&M, Zara & other men’s store where suit accessories are sold.  Be sure to pick a versatile pair so you can mix and match them with several of your suits.  Be sure to pick complimentary colors so your shirts can POP against the grain.  When choosing a tie, find one that brings out the look of the suspenders.  No one wants that Robin Williams look from his early career choices.  

Whatever style or choice you make bring it home by skimming down on the accessories.  Here I used a pocket square and lapel pin but when the jacket closes, the suspenders disappear.  When the jacket comes off they take center stage and really come to life.  

I personally have several pair of them, some leather for the winter as it gives them a great rugged look to tweed suits.  I think it’s ok to go with the snaps instead of the buttons, you have more options to wear them, without the need of a tailor.  Be sure to switch them up with and it will be a great addition to your styled look. 

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