“A Little bit of a Bloke”

I’m a huge fan of GQ the magazine but my favorite is the British edition by far.  It’s not just the style but the cut of the clothes, how they value their look and more importantly the shoes.  Oh how I love their shoes.

Nothing has been more of a staple in British fashion than the Chelsea Boot, it has been on some of the greatest and most influential people of British culture.  The Beatles were amazing in their suits and boots, Harry Styles swears by them and for me I just can’t get enough of them.

They have finally arrived over in America and everyone and I mean everyone is in the game.  H&M has them, Aldo’s has them, you can’t walk to the corner without seeing them on at least 4 people.  I think that’s great and want to applaud Kanye West for bringing them to popular acceptance but they have been here for decades and I don’t see them leaving.

When this fad for America is gone I would have re-soled my shoes and keep them conditioned because a suit isn’t a suit without a good pair, and no way can you even think of being a rock star status without a pair and some ragged black jeans.

For right now I’m going to fall into the sea of followers, but once that sea is parted I will still be standing right there in the middle defiantly looking at those who were just temporary.  For me these shoes indicate a man set apart, how to stand out and make a statement all at once.  So just enjoy the ride and when it’s over put those boots back in the closet while I keep on rocking.

Game Time

It’s that time of year when everyone is going to a game, high school, pro or college.  When you go you should go ready to represent, and that’s what I’m doing here in this GAP varsity jacket and Ralph Lauren rep tie. 

This is a classic prep look that goes a long way.  What I love about it is the plain look to the jacket, I have been thinking about upping the look by adding some great patches I found all over and incorporating them onto the jacket.  I went with some all American Dream jeans by A.P.C. Who make great selvage jeans.  I finished the look of with some loafers by Donald J. Pliner and it brought everything together nicely.  


 I thought about going with the all white converse and probably should have just to keep it all American.  It’s ok because as long as you wear it well it wears well on you.  Either way make sure you have a great fall line up in your closet and be sure to get some wear out of those jackets before it gets too cold. 

Chi-Town, My Town

On the road this week and in addition to a few style pics wanted to share my adventures through the city, and since I’m staying downtown let’s start with the famous Chicago River Walk.

I love northern cities in the fall and Chicago has to one of my favorites (minus the weather).  I love the downtown area because there is so much to do from shopping to events or just taking a brisk walk through the town.   On this trip I am going all over the city this week, first stop will be the Chicago Art Museum where they have a special display of some of my favorite artist and the Impression era.

The other part of my week will be dedicated to some cool shopping on Michigan Ave, OMG I can’t wait to find some deals at the best retailers and up my wardrobe with some new pieces.  The second part of my week will be going to a Bulls game just to take a picture in front of Michael Jordan’s statue, from one great baller to another lol.

With so much to do it’s really not enough time to take everything in, so I will try to plan accordingly and see where the day takes me.   One things for sure, you have to get out and have fun and I plan on taking full advantage of my work week here.  So enjoy the pictures and I will keep you up to date on where I’m at.  By the way, stay stylish.

David Hart x GQ x GAP

Last week I was out shopping at Lenox mall and happened into the GAP store just to check the clearance rack and what do I see?  They had the whole GQ collection of best new designers on sale at 60% off regular price!!!  I thought I was seeing an illusion because they never put the new designer materials on sale, so of course I take the plunge and go H.A.M. 

Like this incredible David Hart tie was on sale for $11.27 after the discount, in my best drake voice I told the sales rep “Just put it in the bag”.  A pair of chocolate brown plaid pants with the blue stripe?  Just take my money.  I walked out of the store with 4 items and my total amount for the entire purchase was $53.  

I love clearance shopping, and I hear all the time from people that they never find anything.  I think you need to look harder.  Ask the reps what days do they mark down and know the patterns for your favorite stores so you can be the first there on sale day instead of trying to be lucky.  After a while you will get to know the workers and they will hold items for you if you ask, plus you may get lucky and they give you a little extra discount.  

So if you love certain items just ask when they go on sale and make your plans to go score those hot items when it’s 40%-50% off and still look like a million dollars. 

Monochromatic Monday

I have been digging in the back of my closet for clothes trying to figure out what stays and what goes.  Today I found this sweater I haven’t worn in so long and decided to give it a run with an all grey tie and grey pants to match.  I didn’t know how I would feel going all grey but it was a winner in my book. 

It can be very tricky going a solid color so I mixed the patterns ever so slightly to get that it’s close but not matching look.  For example the tie is herringbone and the pants are tweed, they almost look the same but aren’t.  I think that’s the catch when you go mono color is how to make it look coordinator without looking like you let the salesperson choose your clothes for you.  

 I broke this look up with a solid white shirt to give the outfit a little “pop” and stand out from the rest of the grey.  The last item to finish this off was some black cap toe shoes from Cole Haan who is one of my favorites because the shoes when taken care of last years, I just get them conditioned and re-soled when it’s time.  

Do not and I repeat do not forget the details to this look and nothing is to small to overlook.  Keep it simple and watch people’s face as you walk by, they won’t believe your wearing a single color but they can’t deny how good it looks on you. 

Time for Cable Knits

With fall here the temperature is getting lower, those sweaters you had in storage are now making their way into rotation.  Nothing is better to me than pulling out a few classic pieces like the Cable Knit Sweater. 

One of the quintessential items in your closet, the cable knit has been around for years.  It’s become a staple for most who try to maximize a look that can go from the office to casual without effort.  

I have always felt when purchasing sweaters they need to be versatile and classic.  I should be able to wear it year after year and it still should be as relevant from the first day.  This sweater was purchased last year (I off-season shop) right after the holidays, and since there was a ton of winter left I definitely put some miles on this.  I just pulled it down and gave it a good cleaning and it’s back in play.  

There are some great retailers producing cable knits, I was able to get this from http://www.bananarepublic.com with 60% off during a sale.  You can find very quality sweaters from Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger (I love American designers) to name a few.   Keep shopping around for some up and coming brands like Dsquared2, Diesel & Zara if you want a more modern look to your sweater.  Be sure to choose a neutral color that you can wear with multiple outfits and looks.  

I’m a huge fan of that kind of rugged look so it’s only natural to pair this with a denim shirt, it gives it a textured look while still retaining an outdoor feel.  Be sure to make a wise investment and go with a material that can withstand the elements from city slickers to rural enthusiast.  Treat it well and it could be one of the last sweaters you will have to buy.