“Happy Feet”

As men we often focus on the super exterior aspects of our style, in actuality all details are the same.  Lapel Pins, Tie Bars & Povket Squares but what about the hardest working part of our bodies?  Our feet need some attention too and nowadays there is a revolutionary new trend growing called Socks.

Socks used to be very utilitarian for men, a small faction of us really paid attention to incorporating them into a part of the outfit.  Now they have become a statement on their own with all new colors and patterns, they can now turn an ordinary look into a sophisticated fashion statement.  And now that more gents are listening to GQ or more importantly their tailor and using correct hem length and cuffs (That’s a topic for another day), socks are getting their respect as a major player in the fashion game.

With socks I say go all out but please be careful, there is a difference between complimentary and clash.  You know how I feel, I like a little spice with my outfit so the louder the better (conservatively speaking of course).  Either way do what you like and as always make it your styled look.

“The Essential Grey Suit”

There are a few huge moments in a gents life where you have to make some huge decisions and one of those is picking a grey suit.  With so many variations of the shade grey, it literally can be a task just choosing what shade of grey to wear with another shade of grey so you don’t look like your trying too hard.

The only 2 suits you really need to start off with are a spectacular navy suit and the accompanying grey suit.  I prefer the grey suits of London and how those blokes are all about tailoring.  Here I took it to the next level by wearing a spread collared shirt to get more of that proper look.  Next I thought of the color and patterns of the tie and shirt. Look closely and notice I took a micro gingham shirt with a striped tie.  All about how to carry these 2 different looks.

I kept this look traditional in the terms that there is no additional lapel pin or accessories on purpose.  I want guys to be able to say hey I can see myself in that at work and not feel like they are bringing too much attention to themselves.  Keep it simple by choosing a complimentary pocket square, it’s decorative and functional.

Secondly, when wearing a grey suit always think brown shoes first, black shoes are okay but just ok.  Think of it like this, if grey is a dull color to you the brown shoes bring it back to life so go wild.  One great thing about this suit is that I could throw on a white polo shirt and pair of Stan Smiths and I’m ready for anything.   So get a quality suit with a breathable fabric so you can get more wear during winter and summer, suits can be pricey even from department stores.  Depending on where you live, there are places now where you can get a custom suit for $350.   Always shop around and see who you like and how they cater to their clients, you want someone who can see what you describe to them and a healthy relationship with your tailor is like having a private doctor.

Make sure to think about getting the most out of that new grey suit so be sure to mix and match the blazer with a pair of jeans.   Functionality should be one of your strong points with your grey suit, so think outside the box.  As always show a little of your styled look.