Bombers Away

If there is one thing I have learned is to fully embrace all aspects of your style.  I love nothing more than donning a nice blazer and some dapper accessories to match but sometimes you just have to switch it up.  With a bomber jacket your right on target!


Singly one of the new staples in American culture is the Bomber Jacket.  Fresh in a variety of colors and sizes, they are everywhere.  While not new, the bomber jacket started in the early war days when pilots didn’t have the comfort of technology so it was generally cold in the cockpits and the best way to stay warm was a huge piece of leather lined in wool.

Once the public got a glimpse of this incredible garment it has never been the same.  I am from the north where they were only reserved for the winter now everyone can wear them and in any climate.  Down south???  Grab a non lined bomber like this snazzy piece from in any color and watch your style stock rise.  Get cocky too and wear them with your favorite Timberland’s or Chelsea Boots.


Please don’t forget to mix it up or go straight chromo with it, either way you can’t loose.  When it comes to shoes Im a huge Chuck fan but you will see everyone with the Adidas All-Stars or Stan Smith’s.  Funny I never see anyone in Nike’s and a bomber, go figure.  As always make sure its a good fit and remember to make it Your Styled Look.


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