The Perfect Polo

So summers almost over and your wondering if you have any life in those shirts left.  Well I’m here to tell you get those polo’s back out.  

Raf Simmons x Fred Perry $145

Here are some shirts that can go both ways and I mean office or casual.  I love this collaboration between Raf & Fred, the contrast is incredible enough to have a dramatic statement.

Moncler $188

“What would Don Drapper do?  Exactly what I am thinking when I see this Moncler polo.  There was another designer (David Hart) who did something similar with the GQ x GAP collection this year.  Still a lovely piece to have in rotation.

Orlebar Brown $185

With all of the patterned shirts sometimes we can get lost in the look.  When you need to keep it simple look for something that changes the game by offering a contrasting collar.  Blue is always a favorite.

Givenchy $535

When you want to go over the top, spare no expense.  Make it bright and light with this high end Givenchy polo shirt.  

Be sure to get the most out of your polo by. Switching the look between office and casual when you can just by tossing one in the gym bag so after work you can look like a million bucks.

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Seasons Change

Even though it’s still August I am already looking forward to this fall’s style, and right now Suede is on my mind.  So I was doing some cleaning at the house and decided to take some donations to the local charity when low and behold this suede weekend bag was being donated as well.  I told them don’t even put a tag on it just give it to me now.  

I’m all about the rich feel and look of Suede and just to my luck I had bought some brown suede loafers from Aldo’s (50% off) and I know it was a match made in style heaven. 

Be on the look out for suede from all the big names this year, I think I’m going to go the opposite way and go crazy with cords this year but who knows how I will feel in a few months.  For right now I’m stuck on this suede so the next conquest will be a jacket to back this weekend bag up in the rotation.  

How to Know What Colors Look Best on You by GQ

Screen Shot 2016-08-13 at 7.35.08 PM

I know what your thinking!  Out shopping and you see the shirt, not any shirt but the shirt for you.  The cut, feel & fabric is all there but it’s in a color you don’t think is good with your complexion.  

No worries Mate.  GQ has you covered by providing a guide to know how to wear colors that compliment your skin tone.  The hard part is sticking to the script with most of us.  Here is a rule you need to live by, “learn to take advice”.  Ask someone you trust to give you their honest opinion of how certain colors look on you from an objective viewpoint.  Take the advice, tweek to your style and your good to go.