Monochromatic Moods

It’s that time of year when you can layer like a boss, so for me I like to pile on shades of colors with my looks.  When we are talking monochrome we’re not saying get all the exact same colors (unless it’s white), but how to make yourself look good in subtle shades of the same pallet.  

Here I took this plum color suit from Calvin Klein, which is one of my go to suits in the fall and winter.  To jazz it up a bit I chose a patterned shirt to give it some pop but toned it back down by using a textured tie.  Noticed all of the colors have a slight difference but come together beautifully. 

To complete the look I pulled out a pair of old Allen Edmonds shoes in this rich Ox Blood color.  I went simple on the details by leaving out the lapel pins or pocket square but I think the look is solid enough to carry me.  Whatever you do think your looks out, especially when it comes to wearing the same color and as always make sure you put your style to it. 

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