Back to Basics

After some time away chasing a few other pursuits I realized that in order to succeed you must learn to master yourself and your time, which brings me to my point of getting back to basics.  I have been having the best time of my life these last few years and its all because of Instagram.  I have met some incredible people who have such rich and diverse backgrounds and history, but we still share a common theme and that is “Style is Style” wherever you go. 

With that in mind I have always been a fan of Black & White, these two colors cover the entire spectrum from formal to casual.  I know people who wear these colors everyday and it has become a standard if you will in their wardrobe.  I travel all the time for work and black and white fits the bill regardless of where you are from Times Square New York to Market Street San Francisco, you will see everyone and their rendition of Black & White.  For me I love custom clothes, labels are ok but there is nothing like the fit and even going through the process of being fitted.  One of the new trends right now is he long oversized look, which is great if yo have some pieces you can wear that bring the elongated look to your style.

For me that means I can wear my shirt untucked, now for most people that would be a problem but I have a trick I use when it comes to custom shirts and I always have them extend the cut of the shirt.  One thing that drives me crazy is when your shirts ride out of your pants because you move around.  If you get your shirts with a longer cut you will no longer have to worry about being able to move around without your shirt coming out.  I like the versatility of the look as I can throw on a Black Sweatshirt over this and change the shoes out to some Vans for a more casual look.  Either way you decide to rock that remember to find what works for you and build around those pieces and Black & White is a no brainer.