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Fall Forward

Finally a reason for more clothes has arrived, and it’s name is Fall.  For me it’s all about texture in the cooler months and how those fabrics work together.  Here I took a versatile Blue Blazer and paired it with matching blue khakis.  I’m not a fan of the same shade, I think the monotones should vary a bit when layering colors. 

This fall with everything being texture the daddy of all things “Suede”, is making a big push.  Look for designers to have bomber jackets, pants and short jackets all made with suede.  One fabric that doesn’t get its merit is twill.  I actually like twill because it provides warmth in cold weather as cotton can get rigid. 

I’m going all in with blue this season, I will be adding pops of color here and there but I’m hooked right now.  What ever you do please make sure you add your style to any look this season. 

Seasons Change

Even though it’s still August I am already looking forward to this fall’s style, and right now Suede is on my mind.  So I was doing some cleaning at the house and decided to take some donations to the local charity when low and behold this suede weekend bag was being donated as well.  I told them don’t even put a tag on it just give it to me now.  

I’m all about the rich feel and look of Suede and just to my luck I had bought some brown suede loafers from Aldo’s (50% off) and I know it was a match made in style heaven. 

Be on the look out for suede from all the big names this year, I think I’m going to go the opposite way and go crazy with cords this year but who knows how I will feel in a few months.  For right now I’m stuck on this suede so the next conquest will be a jacket to back this weekend bag up in the rotation.  

How to Know What Colors Look Best on You by GQ

Screen Shot 2016-08-13 at 7.35.08 PMhttp://www.gq.com/story/how-to-know-what-colors-look-good-on-you

I know what your thinking!  Out shopping and you see the shirt, not any shirt but the shirt for you.  The cut, feel & fabric is all there but it’s in a color you don’t think is good with your complexion.  

No worries Mate.  GQ has you covered by providing a guide to know how to wear colors that compliment your skin tone.  The hard part is sticking to the script with most of us.  Here is a rule you need to live by, “learn to take advice”.  Ask someone you trust to give you their honest opinion of how certain colors look on you from an objective viewpoint.  Take the advice, tweek to your style and your good to go.  

Last Days of Summer

Now that the summer is coming to an end its the perfect time to get those last few pieces out of the closet and I to rotation before it’s too late.  I’m a printed pants guy myself and anything cotton is great but in the winter months it’s a bit chillier so I go for wool or weighted pants.  Here I am wearing a pair of Urban Outfitters and I have to say I love these and how they fit.  Printed pants are always a conversation piece.

The second and most used item in my wardrobe is my Blue Blazer.  I can’t tell you how versatile and stylish this item has been for me.  I love it with a white or blue shirt and so,e khakis when it’s casual, or I dress it down and wear it with a tee and jeans, of course on special occasions out come the white slacks and I’m ready for whatever.  Fit is so important when buying a blazer so shop around.  This is one of my oldies but goodies by Tommy Hifiger.

Last but not least are those things that every woman looks at first before your smile, shoes.  Fall, winter I’m all about a more structured shoe but during the spring and summer I want comfort more than anything.  That makes these Donald J Pliners perfect from suits to jeans, you get the elegance of a loafer but designed in a sporty way.  Make sure to take care of your feet in this weather and keep cool this summer.

“The Essential Grey Suit”

There are a few huge moments in a gents life where you have to make some huge decisions and one of those is picking a grey suit.  With so many variations of the shade grey, it literally can be a task just choosing what shade of grey to wear with another shade of grey so you don’t look like your trying too hard.

The only 2 suits you really need to start off with are a spectacular navy suit and the accompanying grey suit.  I prefer the grey suits of London and how those blokes are all about tailoring.  Here I took it to the next level by wearing a spread collared shirt to get more of that proper look.  Next I thought of the color and patterns of the tie and shirt. Look closely and notice I took a micro gingham shirt with a striped tie.  All about how to carry these 2 different looks.

I kept this look traditional in the terms that there is no additional lapel pin or accessories on purpose.  I want guys to be able to say hey I can see myself in that at work and not feel like they are bringing too much attention to themselves.  Keep it simple by choosing a complimentary pocket square, it’s decorative and functional.

Secondly, when wearing a grey suit always think brown shoes first, black shoes are okay but just ok.  Think of it like this, if grey is a dull color to you the brown shoes bring it back to life so go wild.  One great thing about this suit is that I could throw on a white polo shirt and pair of Stan Smiths and I’m ready for anything.   So get a quality suit with a breathable fabric so you can get more wear during winter and summer, suits can be pricey even from department stores.  Depending on where you live, there are places now where you can get a custom suit for $350.   Always shop around and see who you like and how they cater to their clients, you want someone who can see what you describe to them and a healthy relationship with your tailor is like having a private doctor.

Make sure to think about getting the most out of that new grey suit so be sure to mix and match the blazer with a pair of jeans.   Functionality should be one of your strong points with your grey suit, so think outside the box.  As always show a little of your styled look.

“Tweed and a good Read”

Something I am embracing this year is more reading.  Don’t get me wrong I’m overwhelmed with the amount of information I find online, there is just something nostalgic about paper.  Mind you I don’t want to kill a tree, so recycled paper would be amazing.  Kinda like Vynal Records are making a comeback for a second life if you love old school.

I love that retro look or as the term applies “Geek Chic” is here, it gives me a chance to play with patterns and textures.  Here I have a few items I want to share.  First is how nice is this WD Black suit???  I got this baby online and less than $100, crazy lucky here.  Was just roaming the internet came across this store and Boom I have a blazing brown tweed suit.

 More importantly let’s look at the details here.  I took a wool tie and paired it up with a tweed suit so you can see the textures working.  Secondly look at the different patterns from the watch to the buttons on the suit.  I took a military look to the band of my Timex (which I change out regularly) and the tones just fit together.  For the shoes I went Oxfords over Brogues. I love a smooth leather shoe that is very versatile in nature and these Aldo shoes are perfect with a suit or jeans.

Last but not least try to increase the amount of reading you do for the upcoming year.  I am a firm believer in setting achievable goals for yourself, and reading is something that benefits you be increasing your awareness and horizons.  Wether a book or daily reading of your favorite blog, increase your capacity to learn about new items.  In the mean time, keep it classy.


Is High Fashion Dead?

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 9.11.08 PM

I have said it for a long time now, High Fashion is Dead.  Not that there are not some loyal die hards but the push to a more comfortable trend is emerging.

Recently, Amancio Ortega, founder of fast-fashion label Zara, briefly usurped Bill Gates as the richest man in the world, a shift that would seem to point to the fact that people are more interested in copping the latest runway trends on the low than ever before. However, according to Polyvore, a website that combines the social media aspects of Pinterest with online shopping (and searching for things to shop), says that users of its site, as well as parent company Yahoo, searched more for athletic labels like Nike and Adidas than any others this year. In fact, Zara was just the 10th most searched label, and the only fast-fashion label to crack the top ten.

Just last year, Topshop ranked #1, but this year, was just 35th. H&M, #2 in 2014, and fresh off a high-profile collab with Balmain, ranked 27th.

This info on it’s own hardly heralds the downfall of fast-fashion. If the videos from the Balmain x H&M release are any indication, people are straight-up going insane for some high-design at low prices. But, the results do point to the fact that as time goes on, sweatpants, hoodies, and a whole lot of spandex seems to be the aesthetic people are searching for—whether or not they’re actually wearing them to the gym. Nike stock is currently at an all-time high of $132 per share. Just today, reports came out that Adidas exceeded its online sales projections by $100 million. And even smaller brands like John Elliott, Stampd, and Yeezy are pushing guys towards wearing sweats over suits. After all, what’s a better investment? A simple tech-y sweatshirt you can wear to brunch, the gym, or brunch after the gym for years to come, or a printed polyester jacket you inherently know is only going to last you a season at best?